There is no Substitute For Experience

During the last 41 years, I have done almost everything in the law. I have worked with some of the world’s largest firms, as general counsel of a major corporation, in mid-size firms, in my own firms, and on my own. I have worked with wonderful clients and difficult ones. I have represented individuals and groups against many of the biggest entities anywhere . . . bullies whom most other lawyers were unwilling to take on.

And I have not limited my experience to law. I obtained the charter for Arizona’s first charter school, and then taught and coached its students for years. I started a real estate investment company with one of my sons, before the recession put an end to that.  I spent years doing family and relationship counseling.  And I have coached hundreds of boys and girls, young men and women.

I have also been married for 30 years, with 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

And the result of all this is a wealth of experience, not only with respect to legal issues but also with respect to people. What is most important to people. What makes them afraid. What gives them relief. How I can help them, and the things that I cannot help with. When it is worthwhile for them to hire me, and when it is not.

I actually send more people away than I allow to hire me. Why? Because many people don’t need me yet. But the only way you’re going to know whether you need me or someone like me is by having a consultation with me. Know what you’re dealing with so you can make your own decision whether and how to go forward.

Located in Mesa and Gilbert, I serve all of Maricopa County, and sometimes the rest of Arizona. Call me or reach me online.

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