I have been practicing law for over 38 years.

If you are like most the people who have come to see me during that time, your legal matter is one of the more important things that has happened in your life.  It is not a time to cut corners or search for the discount.

Obviously, the first thing you need is a lawyer who is capable.  And though not always, the most capable attorney is usually the most experienced attorney.  Moreover, the experienced attorney is often the least expensive attorney, in the long run, because he or she can do the same work as a less experienced attorney in much less time.

But there is another factor that is less obvious, though just as important.  The attorney-client relationship sometimes extends over a long period of time, and can require a great deal of mutual trust.  So you need to find someone who brings more than just a knowledge of the law.  Someone who has experienced life as well as law, and who listens and relates to people like you.  This is not an easy quality to find.

I have established my capability as an attorney over almost four decades, during which I have repeatedly taken the cases other attorneys often shy away from and often stood alone against multiple large firms on the other side.  But my ability to understand people and really hear them comes from my years outside of law: as a real estate investor, a school teacher and coach, a relationship counselor, and a father.

No lawyer can guarantee a result, but I, more than most, can guarantee competence, courage, compassion and commitment.


Steven R. Rensch

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Phone: (480) 621-7368

E-Mail: srensch@renschlawoffice.com