Arizona Case Studies

Client came to us after being sued by collection agency. We got the case against her dismissed. The collection agency appealed the dismissal, and we also won on appeal. End result, the collection agency now has to pay all our client’s attorney fees and costs.

Our client was obligated to pay in excess of $200,000, pursuant to a contract. We negotiated a settlement of just over half that amount, which our client was able to pay according to a schedule that was negotiated to fit his needs and capabilities.

Two female clients had been stalked, harassed and then sued by former boyfriend of one. We got the boyfriend’s suit dismissed, thereby freeing the clients from him.

Represented 50 families living in third world conditions in their trailer park. Prevailed on administrative court to order landlord to make improvements in sewer and water systems and alerted city to ongoing problem.

Represented a couple which had been conned into investment contract by an investment “guru”, getting back their entire investment and almost all of their attorney’s fees.

Represented tenant who had been victimized by property manager representations. Got back substantial portion of rent and most of his attorney’s fees.

Represented out-of-state individual who rented a home, was forced to leave early, but was denied promised-refund when landlord ignored lease. We got a judgment for refund and the client’s attorney’s fees.

An alleged creditor placed a negative credit item on our client’s credit report. After we convinced the collection company that the alleged debt was unjustified, the negative item was removed from our client’s credit report.


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