In these tough economic times, many financial institutions, landlords, car dealers, and countless others, have become particularly aggressive and, in some cases, deceitful. You buy a car and are informed a week later that the interest rate has jumped, or that additional undisclosed payments are needed. You try to get an improper charge removed from your credit card statement and get no cooperation. Bill collectors call at improper times and degrade you on the phone. You’re heading for foreclosure and don’t know your rights. You buy something, and don’t get what you paid for.

If your consumer rights have been violated, or you don’t know if your rights have been violated, but you know in your heart you have been wronged, you need an attorney to help you get the information you need and to fight back. Trying to take on a corporation, bank, government agency or collection agency without experienced representation is not a good idea. Normally, these giants will completely ignore you if you attempt to contact them yourself, without an attorney. You can be sure that the company you are fighting has lawyers working for it, and your concern or complaint normally does not become real to them until they are threatened with litigation by an attorney. Because of this, it is critical that you have a skilled consumer protection attorney on your side.

I take on these fights on a regular basis. I will tell you what your rights are and maybe more important, whether it is cost effective to pursue those rights. I have a reputation for taking cases that other attorneys shy away from and for protecting our clients when others would not. I value that reputation. Therefore, you can rest assured that if you have been wronged and you hire me to fight for you, you will get the best result possible.