CONTRACT DISPUTES: Drafting, Negotiating, Litigating

      •   Residential and commercial leases
      •   Sales contracts
      •   Real estate purchase contracts
      •   Employee agreements
      •   Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
      •   Partnership agreements
      •   Customer and supplier contracts
      •   Fraud prevention and litigation
      •   Wrongful possession or ownership

If you are a business owner, you know that lengthy disputes are costly. At the least, they keep you from attending to the rest of your business. At worst, they can kill your business

Of course, the most economical way to avoid these disputes is to negotiate and draft your contracts carefully at the outset.  But as obvious as this is, it is amazing how many business people do not consult a lawyer at this stage, when a few hours of legal drafting could avoid a litigation which extends for years

I understand that, sometimes, drafting the ideal contract is impossible, perhaps because the other side is suspicious of you or your lawyers.  And I recognize that even the best contracts can go bad because of future contingencies that no one could have predicted.  But when that happens, please don’t wait to see me: the steps taken at the outset of a dispute are often determinative later.

If you are an individual, you may never have had an opportunity to negotiate or draft the contract. And unless you are more sophisticated than most, a contract dispute can often seem mysterious and the other side frightening.  I see my job as one of first relieving you of that feeling of being alone and helpless, and then getting you the best possible result.

Why am I different?

A couple reasons . . . The first, as I said above, is that I have no fear of any opponent. That is not true of all litigators. But I have had years of fighting the biggest law firms and the biggest companies in the Southwest. I relish the challenge.

The second reason? There are many attorneys who know the law. But there are few who know the emotional experience of being a litigant or the experience of running a business.  I know both.  I created and ran a real estate investing business and two law firms; I obtained Arizona’s first charter and then ran the school for 7 years; I have been a family and relationship counselor for 30 years; and I have coached high school and middle school basketball. These experiences outside the law have given me a knowledge of people and a compassion for their problems few lawyers can match.

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