The largest companies can budget for litigation, which enables them to survive all but the biggest cases. But small and medium businesses do not have that luxury, and a lawsuit of any substance can close the doors faster than anything.

Nor is insurance certain to protect you.  Policies vary greatly, but many of them will not cover damages for breach of contract, and none of them will cover you for an intentional tort or punitive damages.  And the attorney’s fees the insurance company incurs in defending you will often come out of the pool of money there to cover you against liability.

In addition to being a lawyer, I have run several small businesses, and I understand the cost-benefits of litigation for business.  I understand that it is cost-effective to fight some fights, but not others.  But some cases, like when you get sued, you are forced to fight whether it seems cost-effective or not.

I will always try to get you out of the litigation with the best possible result from that cost-benefit standpoint as early as possible. But when that is not possible, I’ll fight for you through trial and appeal, if necessary



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