Residential Landlord-Tenant Disputes

I have represented residential landlords and tenants in a variety of disputes, including summary proceedings for eviction. Landlords regularly have to deal with tenants who do not pay rent, violate the terms of the lease, conduct criminaI or damaging activities on the premises, or stay in the building after the lease has expired. Tenants may sue landlords for many things as well, including breach of the lease, claims of inhabitability, terminating the lease without giving the required notice, and violation of rent payment agreements.

A whole new area of dispute has arisen as a result of the numerous landlord foreclosures. Landlords and tenants need to understand the effect of the Obama tenant-relief law. I will explain your rights under the law and give you the representation that you deserve.

Commercial Lease Drafting and Disputes

Not too many years ago, the commercial lease market was skewed so much in favor of landlords that there was really no place for negotiation of terms. The playing field has since evened, which means negotiation of terms which used to be taken for granted is essential.  Because both parties will probably be bound to a new lease for several years, they need to have it reviewed or drafted by someone who has seen how leases usually break down. I have been going to court for years and know what to look for.

Sometimes, even the most carefully drafted agreement cannot prevent a dispute, and when that happens, the parties need to find lawyers who are experienced in court but who also understand that the best chance for a win-win comes before litigation begins.

Why Use Me?

I have been both a landlord and a tenant.  I know that landlord-tenant disputes can get very messy. I have seen what problems get people to court, and so I can advise you at the front end how to avoid going there yourself.  And if a dispute arises anyway, I can use my four decades of courtroom experience to get you the best possible result. Don’t try to do it yourself: there are too many things you don’t know, and you may only succeed in making the lawyer’s job impossible.