Buying or selling a home? Buying or selling an office? Tangling with an HOA? Fighting with a neighbor over a boundary line? There are dozens of kinds of real estate dispute.  They make up a substantial percentage of the litigation in Arizona courts.

Handling the dispute on your own is foolish. There are just too many things you are not likely to know. For instance, if the seller falsely represents to you, you will be protected sometimes by the law but not other times. Do you know which?

An experienced real estate litigator makes all the difference.  There are three ways. First, get that contract drafted or reviewed, right at the outset, by someone who knows how contracts go bad.  In other words, a lawyer who has gone to court to litigate contracts gone bad.  Second, if down the road problems start to emerge, get a lawyer involved before your relationship with the other side goes past the point of no return.  A good lawyer can tell you where you have legs and where you don’t, and he can speak for you at the critical times.  Third, if all else fails and litigation ensues, you need a lawyer with no fear but who also understands which fights are worth fighting and which are not.

At any rate, if there are clouds on the horizon, at least get a consultation from a good lawyer to see whether you have anything to worry about.